Ticketing Service

The Parking Ticket Company provides our clients with tailored parking services to manage and control all aspects of car park management and enforcement. Key features of our service include:

  • Tailored parking solutions.
  •  Enforcement signage (tailored where applicable)
  •  Parking attendant patrols and enforcement
  • Resident / Staff / Customer parking  systems
  • Permit issue, administration and management
  • Back office support and assistance
  • Parking Charge Notice processing and administration

The Parking Ticket Company has a simple but effective policy towards discouraging parking abuse, DETERRENT. We warn off would be rogue parkers with the use of clear and concise warning signage that show the terms and conditions of parking and the risk of their actions should they ignore them. 80% of our client’s sites do not need a regular patrol once our warning signage is in place.

Clients Control

Our clients have complete control over the nature and frequency of the enforcement. If required the site can be patrolled and enforced on a regular basis with the use of one of our local agents. The service can be tailored to the client’s individual needs and is completely flexible.

Once the Parking Charge Notice has been issued, the driver has twenty eight days to pay the Parking Charge Notice of £100 as indicated on the warning signage. If the payment is received within fourteen days a discount of £40 is applied.

25 years in Parking Enforcement.

The directors of The Parking Ticket Company have over 25 years experience and extensive knowledge of all aspects of parking enforcement on private land. Any enforcement of parking regulations is a highly sensitive and emotive issue and one that requires understanding and a clear objective approach, this is why The Parking Ticket Company operates an individually agreed policy for each client. Our enforcement operations are introduced in a manner and at a pace that is appropriate for every client and location.

Whatever the size, nature or location of the parking area, The Parking Ticket Company is able to advise and supply a bespoke management solution. We work systematically and sensitively, to provide a professional, ethical and efficiently managed parking environment. Our considerable experience in managing a wide variety of parking schemes gives us the expertise to advise the right solutions for any situation and ensure our clients best interests are served at all times.

DVLA database

Our contracted AOS enforcement companies have access to the DVLA database to obtain registered keeper details in order to recover any non-payment of a Parking Charge Notice.